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Why Us?

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Why should we buy our used bus from Rocky Mountain Bus Sales? We sell Quality and Affordable Used Buses
There are many reasons to buy your bus from Rocky Mountain Bus Sales, Inc. - our price, quality and selection of used buses are hard to beat. And because Rocky Mountain Bus Sales Inc has been in business for fifty years you can depend on us to be honest and deliver what we promise. Because of or large inventory and many years of experience we can help you with your purchase. We can make our best recommendations on what bus fits your needs best. We are reputable, and give our customers a quality bus and a good price. Our number one source of advertisement has been and will always be word of mouth. If I sell you a quality bus, you will tell your friends to come see us. On the other side, if we sell you a lemon, you will tell thousands of people to not come see us. Its as simple as that! We stake our reputation on it.

More reasons to buy from Rocky Mountain Bus Sales....

1. NO RUST, We purchase our buses from the Rocky Mountain Region and West Coast areas. This means when you purchase from us, you will be getting a bus that has very little if any rust. Once rust starts, you can not stop it. That is why some Midwest to East Coast dealers do lease by back offers to schools. They know that they must get thier buses out of the rust belts after a few years of use. What most dont know though is that the rust has already started to eat the bus away even after a year or two of use around salt.p

2. Big horsepower and heavy duty transmissions. The buses we have for sale are heavy spec'd buses with 210 horsepower or greater and have heavy duty transmissions. There is a big difference in price between MT-643 transmissions and AT-545s and a even bigger difference between a 175 horsepower engine and a 210+ engine. If you need power and the transmission to go with it, we have your bus.

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