Advantages of Buying a Used Bus from Rocky Mountain Bus Sales

The biggest advantage to buying used over new is cost! To be able to buy two used vehicles for the same price as one new, is huge for most of our customers.

A Bus with a Stronger Engine and Transmission lasts longer.
Because we buy our used busses from Colorado customers – a place famous for mountains – these buses typically come with more powerful engines and transmissions so our used bus inventory is simply are stronger and superior to “flatland” busses. The buses we have for sale are heavy spec’d buses with 210 horsepower or greater and have heavy duty transmissions so they’ll last longer.

Uses of School buses
Anyone from a church, daycare, construction company, public or private school, travel and adventure companies, and mortgage companies have bought our buses.

While the majority of our buyers use a used bus for transportation of kids through adults, we have also sold buses for various other uses.

  1. Bus Chicken and Pig haulers. Various chicken companies have bought our buses to move their goods from place to place. A school bus is perfect for this use. The bus is petitioned off into several smaller areas and the drivers just pulls up to the loading/unloading dock.
  2. Bus Hayhaulers.We have sold several buses for the use of hauling hay. The buyer removes most of the body and uses the floor as a flatbed setup. A bus can easily manuever through a hay field and can put five times the amount of hay on the vehicle versus a pickup.
  3. Bus transportation for equipment. ATV and snowmobile transporters. This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen. The back ten to twenty feet of the bus is chopped off. One or two levels are made so that ATVs and snow mobiles can be driven directly on to the bus and stored. I have seen six ATVS transported this way. What a great idea!
  4. Bus becomes RV. Of course, I can’t leave out the SKOOLIES. A school bus can be converted into a RV. A super cheap way to travel the country.
  5. Bus Storm Shelter. Alternative bomb or storm shelters. Dig a big hole in the ground. Bury as many buses as you need and there you go, a great bomb shelter! I guess the guys in the Midwest could also use this as a tornado shelter.
  6. Bus Racing. Bus racing is becoming the craze for a lot of race enthusiasts. Picture twenty buses zooming around an oval or even a figure eight. Reality TV show anyone?

These are just a few alternative uses for used buses. No doubt there are hundreds more!